Why Blog?

While I get some bits n pieces together for some SQL blogs, I had a thought… Why am I blogging?

It took me some time to reach any conclusions, and they were weak at best, but what it essentially comes down to, is showcasing and self-confidence.

I am an introvert, I guess that’s why I got into IT in the first place, I get to hide behind servers and code and have minimal dealings with the outside world (outside of my localized work environment that is. I have made, and continue to make, many good friends in my day-to-day technical shenanigans).

The internet however, helps me accomplish 2 things, it lets me stay an Introvert, I can post all I want from the safety of my laptop, but at the same time it allows me to put my views out there, and every blog, forum or technical article I contribute to (thank you SQLServerCentral), increases my own knowledge (and hopefully the knowledge of others) and increases my self-confidence.

I have seen many blogs on the Internet that start strong, and fade away as time progresses, and while I may not be a full-time blogger, posting new articles every day, hopefully I will start something here that will help me grow, both as a Person and a DBA.

Thanks for reading.


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