Busy times and first SQL Saturday

It has been a couple of months since my last blog, but winter is closing in and time should be on my side, so I can dedicate some more time to writing some tips and tricks.

So, what has been consuming so much of my time?

Work mostly, we have been a busy little hive recently. We have just replaced our HP EVA with EMC Symmetix, so lot’s of late nights syncing data and making sure clusters are staying in the right place. We are also in the middle of the divestiture of one of our bigger divisions, which has involved moving lots of data around to split the systems and making sure that everyone knows what’s what.

On a more personal note, yesterday saw me at my first SQL Saturday (174). I had a great day, learnt some very interesting things (file stream in 2012 is AWESOME, check it out), and got to spend the day hanging out with some good friends. Thanks to everyone in the charlotte BI group for organizing a great day. Now, it was a BI day, and I really do very little with BI, but knowledge is power, and I would recommend anyone with an interest in SQL seek out and attend the next SQL PASS event in their area. I wish I could make Atlanta next week, but I will have to wait until next years conference in Charlotte.

Happy SQLing, and thanks for reading.

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