How many, is too many?

When I started at my current role, I was told there would be about 25 instances and around 100 databases. “That seems manageable” thought I, should have known better I guess.

1 year later, I am managing 88 instances and over 1200 databases, sometimes it seems a little over whelming, and I know that there are certain aspects of my job that are going neglected. I simply don’t have the time to dig into every single database pro-actively and see what is what, as much as I would love to, but as the lone SQL DBA in a company of 18,000, I had to be realistic.

I say this almost every time I post in a forum, and in my blogs, and I can’t under state this enough, POWERSHELL IS AWESOME. It has helped me keep a handle on all of the instances, I can pull data from all of my servers into a central repository, and use SSRS to send me daily reports on what is going on, and what needs my attention. I can even be somewhat pro-active with databases, by keeping an eye on growth patterns and free space without ever having to connect to the remote instance, alerts are configured on every server, and I can rest (somewhat) easy, knowing that I have the majority of the servers under control….

Until.. Recently we had a domain / network consolidation and the installation of LAN Desk on the network, so now we have everything in a neat little area, and servers are beginning to become centralized in one data center. So I thought I would be a little adventurous and check on all of the SQL engines running on our network. To my horror, a quick query of LAN Desk informed me that we had 625 unique instances of SQL running on servers on our domain! 625! (and that is just servers, I almost fainted when I saw the original count, workstations included!).

I am sure some of these are just dead installs, with no actual activity, but still… 625! I am steeling myself and trying to build up the courage to write some PowerShell scripts to work through this list and find which servers are active, with functioning user databases, but dreading the results.

I would love to just reach out and hire a junior DBA to help deal with all of this, but currently we lack the required # of SAN admins, Server admins and DC admins, so a new DBA is down on the list of priorities.

No real purpose to this blog, other than to vent and let off a little steam.

The positive? at least I won’t be bored…

Thanks for reading.

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